your Breath.
For Happiness and Health.

your Breath.
For Happiness
and Health.

This is a space to learn a medically sound, expertly guided Pranayama practice rooted in yogic philosophy.
Dr Amit Anand practicing Pranayama

Breathe fully and transform your life

Do you know that everyone breathes differently?

Breathing sits at the interface between our bodies and minds. We can ‘let’ our breath happen as much as we can ‘make’ our breath happen. Using pranayama techniques, we can improve our posture and the efficiency with which our bodies utilize oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Remedy your health with breath.
Learn to breathe fully

We are PranayamaRx, a space to safely learn how to fully breathe with scientific knowledge

Are you ready to harness the power of your breath?

Let’s breathe together!

Grounded in medical science we are a research based platform that aims to guide human beings how to breathe fully. We believe in the power of the western allopathic paradigm and the precision of wearable technology as much as we value the ancient time-tested wisdom of yoga.

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Doctor Amit Anand

Meet your guide on your breathing journey

I’m Dr. Amit Anand. I specialize in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. I have also spent many years practicing and teaching Meditation and Pranayama.

I will be your guide on this journey of exploring how to harness the power of your breath. I will be instructing you in various breath control and extension techniques adapted into a medically safe practice using my expertise as a doctor.

Meet Doctor Amit Anand

We integrate Medical Science with Yogic wisdom. 

The values we uphold


The medical and yoga worlds have much to offer each other. Yogic practices can have profound beneficial effects on promotion of well-being and restoration of health from illness.
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Medical science has the capability of systematically studying the mechanistic pathways involved with specific emphasis on the autonomic regulation of human physiology, both while awake and during sleep.
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Access to sophisticated wearable technology allows for the safe instruction of these practices as well as remote monitoring of health outcomes in both healthy humans and patients with dis-ease.
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How are Pranayama & modern medicine connected?

There is a significant body of scientific literature that outlines the benefits of Yoga in general and Pranayama in particular. The most powerful and consistent effects of these practices are it's effects on regulating blood pressure and heart rate by modulating the autonomic nervous system.

Human beings can learn to utilize their breathing reserves efficiently and this translates into better pulmonary function. The overall improvement in health is noticed in many disease states such as hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, asthma, sleep and mood disorders as well as chronic pain syndromes.

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What can you obtain from the practice of Pranayama?

Pranayama can be used an adjunct to your medical treatment.
A regular practice will help you build up:
Breathing control
Pranayama emphasizes nostril over the mouth breathing as well as uniformity of airflow.
There is a balance that begins to develop between body, breath and mind resulting in a state of ‘relaxed alertness’.
Improved breathing
These techniques result in improved lung function and will help you modulate your autonomic nervous system.
Faster healing
This is valuable in patients with chronic cardiovascular and respiratory conditions including hypertension and asthma.
Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Author and wellness expert
The dynamics between breath, autonomic function and conscious attention and intention is the next frontier in bio-regulation and healing.

Dr. Amit Anand has combined his expertise in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Yoga and Pranayama to pioneer a revolution in medicine that empowers healthy people for peak living and patients to participate in their recovery to well-being
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Meet Dr. Amit Anand
Dr Amit Anand practicing Pranayama

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