Testimonials about PranayamaRx

Learn how a sustained practice of Pranayama has permanently improved the health and well-being of a few practitioners.

Vinay Mehra

I got introduced to Dr. Anand and his Pranayama therapy six months ago by my primary care physician because I was dealing with many years of severe asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. Dr. Anand’s thoughtful approach, calm voice and depth of knowledge is extraordinary.

The power of progression is hard to overstate. Pranayama hands down has been the single most important therapy I have ever used. The results speak for themselves. My cholesterol has gone down by half as has my blood pressure. Pranayama has facilitated a new era of asthma care in the twenty-first century evidenced by remarkable improvements in my peak flow measurements and my freedom from respiratory symptoms.

As for my sleep apnea and snoring, I have seen my AHI go from 25 to less than 10/hour and I have stopped snoring, and for the first time in years I can sleep comfortably at night without the use of a breathing assistance device at night.

Not only is Dr. Anand’s Pranayama therapy far superior to any other treatment I have had in years, but it is without doubt the single most useful tool I have added to my life in recent times - and a much needed antidote to the more traditional method of practicing medicine which involves prescribing lots of pills for a patient.

Matt Babine

Dr. Amit Anand is an absolutely amazing teacher of both meditation and breath work. I have personally and professionally known Dr. Anand for over 15 years and I have been blessed to have experienced both his friendship and his mentorship.

During an extremely difficult time in my personal life about ten years ago, he introduced me to primordial sound meditation and my life has never been the same. After adopting the practices he taught me my health, mindset and energy has reached levels I never thought were possible. It restored a peaceful and harmonious balance to every aspect of my life. Even through challenging times it’s always my go to practice. I never skip a day without my breath work and meditation. It truly is a gift. 

I am a father, husband, business executive and a world karate champion. I only wish while I was competing in karate I knew then what I know now. 

Like they say the teacher will appear when the student is ready. 

A year ago I started learning breath work (Pranayama) it has helped me manage my asthma and increased my breathing stamina immensely. I would recommend this ancient practice to everyone

Michael Cappucci

I first began practicing Pranayama with Dr. Anand four years ago. To that point, I had been meditating off and on for about six years but had never been able to maintain a consistent practice.

Since I began practicing Pranayama, I have noticed an increase in my daily mindfulness. It has brought me a closer connection with my breath and better functioning of my diaphragm and lungs.

I have also noticed benefits in stress reduction and stronger immunity. All of this has led to a consistent daily practice, which I attribute in no small part to Dr. Anand's skilful and compassionate teaching

Marcus Wilson

I was first introduced to Dr. Amit Anand in the Fall of 2019. He and I quickly connected on our shared passion for health, wellness and improved human performance.

Amit introduced me to Pranayama shortly there after and has continued to teach me for nearly two years. My pranayama practice has been very helpful with improving my sleep, my asthma (I’ve been dealing with asthma for most of my life) and stress levels.

As an entrepreneur managing a business through COVID this past year, my daily Pranayama practice has played an invaluable role in helping me stay mentally and physically alert in an ever changing environment. 

I have been recommending Dr. Anand’s Pranayama practice to anyone who will listen!

Jerold Fleishman

The practices of mindful breathing and meditation have been extremely effective for me, assisting me in dealing with the stresses of everyday living. Being able to focus on my breath and quiet my mind provides me with a sense of being grounded, which in turn makes me feel relaxed, calm and at peace.

And as I traveled this road of self-discovery, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Dr. Amit Anand, who along with being a caring medical professional, has also been a wonderful teacher and mentor.